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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

How Can I Help You To Succeed?

Yes, I spent the day enjoying the sun yesterday. Yes, I burnt my face. Yes, I wish I could be outside today.
But there's no point brooding about what I am missing. Let's talk about all the positives.

My sign is up on the ferry what do you think? Don't why it's a bit blurry in the pic.

 I'm really happy with it. I think it stands out nicely against the other signs. Let's hope it has the desired effect and brings visitors to my door in hordes. They in turn will tell people and then the word will spread. Then rich people will realise that Swanage has more art galleries than Bournemouth and there are some hidden gems of local talent. Then our fortunes will be made.

It has been said that I'm dreamer, but I like to think I'm optimistic. I'll keep you updated with the how much my sign is seen.

It has been a busy weekend and today is looking pretty good as well. Lots of people loving Jim's work, all I have to do is persuade them that they love it enough to buy it and take it home with them.
I think that is an absolute piece of cake. I'll keep you updated about how that works out for me too.

I will get back to some practical blogs this week, I am open to suggestions. Apparently helping other people to succeed is the first step to your own success. I am aiming to be successful, so how can I help you?
Remember I've got 15 years of teaching under my belt.

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