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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Why Is Art So Scary? Galleries Are For You, Yes You!

I know that once again I have manage to be absent from my own blog. In my defence I have been working really hard making changes to ensure that the gallery can survive. I didn't think that I could employ many other changes but apparently I can.

I need to widen the appeal of the gallery. I have heard people say they find it scary to walk through the door. I need to somehow fight that fear. I have started to leave the door open even though it makes me freezing cold. Removing the barrier between, my heating bill will soar but will my profits?
I am not convinced. Most of the people who read this blog probably will walk quite happily walk into a gallery.
If you do not then why not? I really need to know.

Is it an assumption that the gallery owner will somehow give you the hard sell?

Is it because you don't feel qualified?

Do think you will be obliged to buy if you walk through the door?

I fully understand that people may well not like what is on display. That's just life. But when you watch people totally positively interacting with the window displays then fail to cross the threshold. You do have to wonder why.

Have they had their art fix at the window?

Was there enough to inform but not to continue to look inside?

Would it be more effective to black the windows out so that you have no choice but to walk in of the street? I am having blinds fitted.

I have spoken about the qualifications necessary to appreciate art fully. The other important fact to remember is that most galleries are FREE!


That is all that is required and in all honesty I maintain that it is as valid to dislike a piece of art as it is to like it. The most important thing is to experience it.

I actually think that knowing a lot about art can actually build a barrier to simply enjoying art. It messes with your gut reactions. You pose intellectual questions about the work and the artist. When really the most honest response is 'I like that'. You can dissect why at your leisure.

'Is it the post modern interpretation of slavery through image and text? Leaving the viewer to decide whether they are included in the narrative or not.'

I just made that up, but I have read so much stuff like this and it is no wonder people think galleries are just for Guardian readers. They are not, they are for anyone who can see, and in some instances, touch and hear.

I am fairly certain that no artist caught up in the act of creation is musing silently that he/she hopes that her audience will be educated to degree level, and knows how important the Futurists influence was to their piece.

Generally, the only hope is that you make it and that some one will like it. Whoever they are, from where ever they are from.

So galleries are for you and everyone that you know. Show them your support and walk in and take a look around. You do not have to buy, you don't even have to converse if you don't want to.

I'll leave you with this thought behind everything we own there was/is an artist. Without art there would be no design. Without design there would be practically nothing. Think about it.
Art is more important than you realise.

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