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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

10 Things Not To Forget When Preparing For PAW/DAW

Attention to detail.

Why is it important?

It is such a common oversight, but the truth is that it's the one thing you should not over look when preparing for an Open Studio.

  1. If you are getting work out hat has been stored don't forget to give it a dust. 
  2. Check for smudgy fingerprints.
  3. Make sure your corners are all intact, storage can be cruel on corners.
  4. Business cards, people love to leave with something if not a purchase. An artist statement can also be useful to help people to understand your work. Keep it short and simple.
  5. If you are selling small things, cards etc make sure you have a float. If making bigger sales how are you going to accept payment?
  6. Make sure everything is clearly priced.
  7. When displaying work, remember less is more.
  8. Have a visitors book and encourage people to leave their email addresses so that you can make sure that you can invite them to future exhibitions of your work.
  9. If you are showing near another open studio then tell your visitors about it. Help spread the word.
  10. Remember hosts etiquette, visitors have come to see the work. A warm welcome and then let them look.  There's plenty of time to chat if they start the conversation or before they leave.

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