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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Back Has Kept Me Off My Feet!

If you have been wondering where I have been, I can tell you now. I have been laid up in bed with a bad back. Before you ask, I have no idea how idea how I did it. I woke up with severe back pain and it lasted for three days. I have to let you in on my secret cure. I am terrible at going to the doctors, well I can get there etc ok but I hate going. They might tell me I'm ill. So after three days of back ache I made a doctors appointment and as if by magic my back feels much better so I cancelled the appointment.
Maybe next time you're ill you should try it.
Luckily, Jan was at the gallery yesterday and I opened for 4 hours today on my day off. To make up for any lost time. I am very glad that I did as it was quite busy. I had the pleasure of meeting Sheila Girlings son and his family. We had a nice chat about art and the gallery, it's by far the best way to spend the day.
I will be open tomorrow as usual and then I will do the things that need to be done. They also told me that they have seen my advert in the Royal Academy magazine which was nice.
Jans private view went well, good attendance and plenty of wine drunk. Everyone agrees that she is on the verge of making it nationally. It is time for her to spread her wings and start exhibiting at some London galleries.
Jan will be at the gallery on Friday, if you haven't seen this show then you should try and get to see it on Friday whilst she is there as she will be able to explain what drives her and the various influences  and inspirations behind her work.
There are a few days left so make sure that you come and see it.

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