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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Everybody Likes looking At Naked Birds! Don't They?

Speed blog today as it is now the last ten minutes of my day. I was nearly saved outside the bank just now. It clearly is never going to happen inside a bank! Thank you Jehovahs Witnesses for facing the weather to deliver me from my sins or whatever it is I am going to be saved from.

I have nearly finished framing my retro work. Roughly a third of the gallery will feature my work from yesteryear. It is hard making the decisions as it's all my own stuff that meant something to me at the time. Oh well, edit I must.

Chris at Sansom who is doing my framing, over the road from me has been giving me sneaky peeks of some of my newly framed work. It is starting to get exciting. Nerve wracking but exciting too. You should come and see what a crazy person I am at my exhibition. The work speaks volumes.

On a completely different note, you have just over a week to get yourself along to see Josh Hollingshead's exhibition. You really should make the effort as it is getting rave reviews from everyone who has seen it so far.

I am off to shop for edible goodies.

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