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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Who Would Have Thought It?

For a day that started with a twisted ankle as soon as I left the house, to be greeted by bills on the doormat at the gallery I seriously thought it was going to be a rubbish day. Where was my eternal optimist angel when I needed her?
If you wonder how I generally deal with the negatives that occur, my answer will be no surprise. I clean! A good clean always makes me feel a lot better.
I bet you can already guess that this must be going somewhere, don't worry it is. Eking (that just looks weird, but that's how you spell it) out the story just makes it sweeter at the end.

I decided that as it is always me singing the praises of the various artists that I have at the gallery, if it's my exhibition I probably should get someone else to do it for me. You will get the chance to read it for yourself tomorrow.
I would like to thank Bonnie Brown for turning the whole thing round in a matter of hours. It's so well written and positive that it is hard to believe it has been written about me. Tune in tomorrow for a hot off the press review.

As you can tell my day improved steadily, but I have to say at 4.00 it outdid itself. Anthony Caro and his son came to my exhibition. I am humbled that someone as big as him made the effort to see my work. He was very complimentary about my prints, drawings etc. Both him and his son loved my sketchbooks, they seem to be a hot favourite amongst visitors to the show. That and Birdbox.

I can hear you thinking that really was a good ending to the day, but I may have saved the best until last. Tony hand delivered a drawing by himself and one of Sheila's (Girling), I am so happy and grateful. I did not realise that Sheila would also be putting in a drawing. So that was a fantastic result.

Now I am off but all I can do is suggest that you come and see my show it's quite good really!

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