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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Man With A Turban Walks Into The Gallery........

Jim Hunter

A man with a turban on walks into the gallery..........what does he say?

No it's not a joke, this actually happened.

'I am the worlds best fortune teller, let me please tell you your fortune' is what he said.

I said 'No Thanks'. He shrugged and left, who knew the Worlds Best Fortune Teller was alive and well and pounding the streets of Swanage being rejected at an alarming rate. And I think that I have a difficult job.

Backseat blog, that's what it has become. The truth is that so many people are still reading the previous posts I have used the breathing space to get some much needed work done. But I know how people worry that it is call coming to an end. Fear not, I'll be back boring you on a regular basis before you know it.

Just a reminder that I am a one woman show. Every single business responsibility stops at my door. It is  keeping me well and truly on my toes. Maybe I should install a foot spa under my desk?

I have no real big informative blog for you today just going to keep you informed of all the latest gallery developments.

Debbie Lee will be giving a talk at the gallery tomorrow at 11.00, it will be followed by a storytelling workshop. Please do come along as it should be a great way to spend a few hours. The best thing is it is FREE!

I have just got off the phone to Jan Dagley who is exhibiting here at the beginning of August. She has decided to have an art sale, an eclectic mix of her back catalogue as part of her exhibition. One wall will be full of works for under £150. I strongly urge you to add this to your list of exhibitions to come and see in August.

I have had a sneaky peek at the new work by Jim Hunter. I have to tell you it is magnificent. I can't believe that it has all been produced in the last 12 months (ish).
The work is light and bright and bold. Come and see it for yourself on Saturday at 6.00.

I am getting a sign on the Sandbanks Ferry. I hope that it will bring many new visitors through the door. I have to say that I am 'over' designing this week. It has been very full on, and it means that there is an awful lot of computer staring. Yawn!

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