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Thursday, 12 September 2013

I Have Never Seen So Many Naked People!

Stephen Bishop
Wow a bumper crop of visitors yesterday to the new exhibition. It would seem that the post school holidays brigade are visiting Swanage in their droves. Who can blame them, it's the nicest time of year in many ways as the temperature is still nice and warm and there's room to breathe.

I am trying to think of ways to boost our local art visitors, my map is done but I have to get the info to the other galleries. That is my mission after work today to drop my envelopes off. I would have done it yesterday but the solar power man was due to come round and give us a quote but apparently he went off sick. I hope that within the next month there will be maps available everywhere. Keep your eyes open.

I am going to have another exhibition next year. But it will not be of my art work but my underwater photography. I am thinking that I will have a big 4th Anniversary Party, reopen after my annual refurb and my own show. That should be a great reason to celebrate. I am already in negotiations with Chris about how I go about printing them out.

Peter Symons
If you want to come along then the date will be Saturday 1st February 2014, There will be some big changes that will be worth coming for. I will also be auctioning off one of my pictures for a good cause that I am yet to decide upon. So put that date in your diaries and I hope to see you there. The obligatory drinks and nibbles will be served. How better to cheer up what I am guessing will be quite a miserable time of year.

I am still looking for 3D artists to fill a gap in the gallery calendar. If you are interested get in touch I am offering very favourable terms.

As I promised there will be pictures from the next two exhibitions, Peter Symons is a member of Group 7 and they will be exhibiting after Stephen Bishop in October.

One more day until the weekend, if you are planning to visit the gallery on Saturday I should tell you that I will be leaving it in Shirleys very capable hands. I am going on some training, never too old to learn new things.

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