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Monday, 24 February 2014

For Everyone Who Does Not Use Social Networks - Wake Up and Smell The Coffee!

I  have written several blogs about the power of social networks. I deal with many artists/practitioners who say they don't like the new technological age. More importantly don't understand it or know how to use it.

I have offered my services to help get people started and have got a few people up and running. Now I am going to tell you a few facts.

I started my own page to promote my work two weeks ago. I have been posting to it daily, I have also uploaded some videos of my drawings. Over 700 people have viewed my videos in the last 5 days. That is more people than I could ever hope to reach at any gallery over a 5 day period. (With obvious exceptions) I should be so lucky.

The picture in this blog is of the gallery Facebook page. I saw this excellent photograph about buying handmade goods. So I posted on my wall and shared it with 3 groups that I belong to. You can see for yourself how many people ended up seeing that post and it was also shared over 70 times.
That is a whole load of people and it also resulted in more visits to my gallery page and some new page likes.

Embrace the new technology, but the down side is in order for it to really work for you, you MUST post on it every day. It is tedious but necessary. Content must be relevant. Factor it into your daily routine. You can now set posts to update at a certain time, so if you have more time on some days then do more and time them to post over the next few days.

You can also use Twitter to get your pictures into the world. Take small steps and go at your own pace. But it is an excellent way to promote your work, future exhibitions etc.
Why not get together with a few other technophobes and do it together over coffee. Virtually everywhere has free wifi these days.

If you really want to get started but could do with some guidance then come and see me. I can get you started and more importantly I can help you with follow up sessions. I charge £12.50 an hour and I can guarantee that at the end of it I will have helped you get your social networks up and running.

Whatever you do, don't think that it doesn't work. I don't think it will be long before there will be an artist led social network separate from Facebook. Maybe there already is and I am behind the times. Feel free to share it with me. I know that in America there are many more groups and apps that are solely focussed on Art and Artists.

The most important thing is when you find something you think that you think other artists will be interested in SHARE it. Buy taking the two seconds to do that you could engage a totally new audience.

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