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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A New Day Is DAWning!

My absence has been noted and I can only say that I have been busy.

It was really good to see the amateur vs professional debate really get going. Just to clarify I am Switzerland when it comes to it. I think it's up to the individual to live up to any label they give themselves, not those that are given to them by others.

I enjoyed a bus mans holiday to Lyme Regis yesterday. I say that because wherever I go, I make sure that I visit all the local galleries. Not for any other reason than to look at what they are doing, and I am genuinely  interested in art. There are some really good little galleries there, yes they are really commercial but so what. They have some really interesting stuff on display. Good art is good art no matter what drives it.

I have to say mostly I am relieved to see them still open. It has been a hard winter for everyone, and we are feeling blessed with this up turn in the weather. It has had the desired effect and bought people back out and through the gallery doors.
Don't forget it is important to support all small independent galleries as they really are providing an invaluable service to your towns and villages.

On another note the Dorset Art Weeks Brochure is now out and looking pretty darn good. I am so pleased with the great job they have done with my advert and the Synchronicity show which will take place at the gallery.

You must pick up a copy as soon as you see one and check out the absolute plethora of artists/craftspeople/sculptors etc who are taking part this year. I really would love to visit some of the open studios. If any of you are doing any evening openings then let me know as you know I will be tied up with curating and looking after the Synchronicity exhibition during the day.

Finally, the Words Works Exhibition is still on and I hope that if you haven't already seen it that you will e able to get along and see it. I promise you it will not disappoint. Great exhibitors and great works who could ask for more?

Shirley is being me for the next few days whilst I go away and recharge my batteries. Just as well as I have a cold looming and feel a bit knackered. Please feel free to ask her anything should you visit she is well versed in the running of the gallery and the exhibition.

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