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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

iDraw On An iPad! Amongst Many Other Things.

Sharon James

Everyone likes a blog about drawing, thank you all you lovely readers. Well I have entered a new zone. What zone is that? You may well ask.

Whilst I am happy to spread the word and educate (after all it is in my job description). Of late I have been quizzed about exactly how I produce my work.
In the spirit of knowledge is power here's the truth.

I am a professionally trained printmaker but of late I have been exploring a whole range of media. I have a love of drawing that means I experiment and explore constantly. I love its immediacy which for someone with such a busy life suits me perfectly.

I have embraced new technologies for years. My new best friend is my iPad. I have a range of drawing apps on it that I use regularly.
The thing I must point out here is that whilst it is brilliant and I do love it. My drawings are only as good as I can actually draw.
People seem to think that there is somehow a shortcut involved somehow. I can assure you there isn't. I play as much on the drawing apps as I do in a sketchbook. They take time to master and some are easier than others.

Sharon James

I could list all the apps that I use but the truth is the best way to find the one that suits you is to try them out. Some are user friendly and some I find far too involved. The best ones generally have a free version that gives you an idea of how the app works.
Like anything else practice is crucial.

You could do worse than spend £10.00 on the book 'iPad for Artists'. It is a great little book that really breaks it down into bite size chunks for the novice.

There are 1000's of videos on youtube that show artists drawing/painting on their iPads.

Sharon James

Do I think that the iPad will replace my sketchbook? Never in a million years. In the same way my Kindle hasn't replaced my need to own real books.
What it does do is allow me to 'play creatively' with ideas and save them at various stages. It doesn't have the precious feel of the first page of the sketchbook. This in itself is a very good thing.
I'm sure you all know what that feels like?

The other thing I should point out is that although I use it to draw/paint I am never really trying to accurately replicate a medium. If I want to do a painting that looks 100% like a painting then I'll do an actual painting.

If you are interested in seeing other aspects of my work why not checkout my own Facebook page. You will see that I still use very traditional media in my own work. I use the daily drawing challenges to do something a bit different.


If you have an iPad and would like to unlock it's creative potential along with your own then you know where you can find me.

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  1. I've just ordered ipad for artists at £6.07 inc postage from eBay, and I'm looking forward to finding out more about the various Apps and techniques that are available in www. land.