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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday Monday

How quickly Monday comes around and for once Sunday actually lived up to its name. It was a glorious day and enjoyed as much of it as I could before the dreaded mist crept back in later on.
I had a busy day on Saturday with plenty of people through the door.
No sales which is quite unbelievable considering the interest shown in the work. It seems that people love what they see which I have to admit is a good thing.
My first email that I got today was so lovely it made me very happy, I am going to share it with you as you can read it on my website anyway.

Sharon has created a contemporary and flexible space at the gallery. I felt totally happy with all aspects of dealing with Sharon over my joint exhibition with Sally Maltby. Sharon has a sharp eye for detail and she hung the exhibtion extremely thoughtfully and artistically. My paintings and jewellery were grouped according to subject matter and chronology, which worked perfectly, and she saw a way of pulling the work together so that it was clear and exciting. Sharon was generous with her help, time and advice, and is also just a lovely person to entrust your work to. I would most certainly recommend both Sharon and L'Artishe without hesitation.

Kitty Wass

I have prepared myself for tomorrows papermaking session. I am hoping that all the lessons that I have learnt from my own very wet papermaking experiences will mean that tomorrow we will not be awash with paper pulp.
It will then be followed up with a printmaking session where they will print on their own paper. Just like me.
I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.
I am all prepped for a week of teaching and since I started writing this there goes my Thursday with another day of teaching.
I know that you don't need telling again but I just can't help it. Please come and see the current exhibition it really is very good.

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