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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wish I Could Print Money!

Well we were fairly awash with water and paper pulp and I managed to soak myself so thoroughly that I had to nip home and get changed. Nice!
I think they really enjoyed it so that's the main thing. I am quite tired now though it is quite draining but it's all money in the bank.
I really need to sit down and get on with my own work as I am starting to worry about my march deadline. But I will only be open for workshops in January as I am having some more work done on the gallery. I am replacing one of the front windows. It is very old and is very scarred and scratched so it has got to go.
There will also be a complete refinishing of the walls to get rid of all the horrible pock marks that each exhibition leaves.
If you are thinking about having an exhibition at the gallery I need to let you know that the hire cost will be increasing for next year I have updated the price list on the website so check that out.
It is never very straightforward when I write my blog as I have multiple interruptions throughout and I find it really difficult to maintain the flow of things.
I thing that Rory from Talk Talk could confirm that for you. I have had to cut conversations short with him every day for the last week or so.
He's given up now and is going to leave it me to ring him when I am less busy.
I better stop writing and start working.

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