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Friday, 14 December 2012

Buy Local, By Locals!!

Jonathan Sells well Apparently!

As I have been adding so many things to the gallery Facebook page I often feel bereft of things to write about in my blog.
I'll carry on regardless though. The gallery has been quieter today if I had to guess, I would say it is because anyone with half a brain wouldn't head out in the torrential rain that has been managing to fall.
My kids came today and they finished making their Christmas cards after a few false starts it has to be said. I think it must be my brain. Since when were you able to mount A5 paper onto A5 card? The answer is never as they are essentially the same size.
I bought scissors that did not cut, card that was too small, and the wrong sized envelopes. All in all not a bad days work.
On the upside I forgot that at Christmas when you are a teacher if your students like you they give you stuff. Mmm...some lovely Chococo chocolates in this instance, thanks very much.
It has just been one of those weeks and that's really all I need to say.
If you are heading to Swanage then you know where I will be and I will be very happy to see you. Especially if you are looking for the unique gift, I may well be the answer t you prayers, if you are that way inclined.
Come and see the Purbeck Collective exhibition you know that you want to.
Whatever you have planned this weekend I hope that it is enjoyable and isn't filled with the horror of last minute Christmas shopping, like the droves of people that will most certainly be filling shopping centres this weekend.
Avoid them at all costs, look for quieter alternatives such as craft markets and artist open studio events. I'm betting that if you go to the right places you could get free drinks and nibbles designed to loosed your grip on your purse/wallet.

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