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Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Whiter Shade of White

Look Closer

The last exhibition is finally down, a gallery fact coming up. It is safest to keep the work up rather than try and store it safely else where. It has slowed down the decorating process though. This is largely due to the fact the amount of dust that is created is not at all good for art. Not to mention the attractive speckling of fresh rolling. I think everyone, including me struggled with getting organised straight after the Christmas break.
I am a third of the way through the decorating, I did the worst bit first. I am going to motor on and hopefully get all of the walls finished on Monday.

As I have said before, the gallery may look closed but I am generally to be found out back tinkering with some job or another.
If you need to get hold of me then the best thing to do is just try the door if it doesn't open I am not there.

If you check out the gallery Facebook page there are regular updates of what I am up to. Big news coming very soon but in the meantime get ready for the  first exhibition of the year. Josh Hollingshead 'Revisited'. It should not be missed.

New edition of Evolver at the gallery now. Plan your cultural visits to brighten up January.

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