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Friday, 25 January 2013

Three Years Ago I Opened The Gallery!


I have officially entered my third year of trading. Congratulations to me!

In many ways I cannot believe that I actually am writing this blog because I have had more than enough of being in front  of a computer for one life time.
My computer and Internet were behaving like a narcoleptic on sleeping tablets. If I see that spinning rainbow circle once more today I may well have a seizure.
Just because life is like this, the minute that I closed every thing down and thought let me just have a peek at Facebook...everything worked perfectly and quickly. Like a dream in fact, as opposed to the hellish nightmare that has been my day.

Enough whinging for now as there is other news. Yesterday I told you about my window displays and the fact that they are causing a stir. Well today I had to do my cleaning up chores outside. My smeary windows and pavement sweeping. Obviously, I am generally hidden out back swearing at my computer. Today gave members of the public a chance to tell me what they think. People were honking their horns to get my attention and giving me thumbs up. Some people said it was the edgiest art they had ever seen in Swanage. People eagerly anticipate seeing more of it. I think it is a resounding success, it has got people looking, talking and thinking. Isn't that what art should do? I think so, even the less positive comments mean that it has worked. It provoked a response that is good enough for me.

If you feel like taking a look at the new website it is more or less finished. I have just got organise the booking page. It is a mine field because it involves dates and money. Both of those things involve numbers, which = maths, which = my achilles heel! I anticipate that it will be up and running early next week.


I hope that you have a good weekend.

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