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Monday, 28 January 2013

Not Into the Internet...Outernot....That Works







Today I will be tweaking, fiddling and checking both websites. There are so many ways to get yourself noticed online and they all require more work than I have the patience to deal with.
I may well say that but the truth is that I am going to do it anyway. It is just that having spent so many days on the website now it's Facebook, Twitter, not to mention the 1001 online directories. I know that it will all be worth it in the end but in the here and now it is tedium personified if that is possible? Do not think it is.

There are some really good artists lined up for this year and I hope that you will get the opportunity to see some of their exhibitions.
It is so important for everybody to come and support the various artists and their shows. It is a very scary experience putting yourself out there for everyone to see. It is like standing naked in a crowded room. Everybody will have something to say about it, some good, some bad and some general indifference. But something to say nevertheless.

I came across some pictures of the gallery before it was finished today and I thought in light of it being three years since I opened. It might be quite nice to have a look at them. It has certainly come a long way.
See what you think.


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