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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Post Holiday Blues!

Come and see it before it's too late!
I expected my stats to say that there had been no page views in my absence but it would appear that just because I'm on holiday people still want to read about sex. Regular readers all know what I am talking about. I've been getting page views in the hundreds whilst I've been away. So sex stops for no man apparently!
I had my best ever holiday ever with plenty of of sun, sea and snorkelling. I will show you a picture as you might just like to see but I will promise not to bore you with the 1500+ that I did actually take. All underwater and some are definitely better than others. I am pleased to report that unlike my last holiday to Egypt I was not driven straight to A&E and managed to spend the whole week in rude health!
I have got to get the gallery gossip from Shirley who stood in for me and I'll let you know as soon as I do.
Since the start of this I have found out the gossip and the news is all good. A few sales in my absence and lots of very nice feedback about the exhibition and a few nice comments about the gallery.
I think that this does in fact give me license to go on holiday more often. Maybe not. It just proves great art will sell itself.
So a Bank Holiday Weekend is nearly upon us and I bet many of you are wondering what you should do. Come and see this exhibition before it finishes next week. It is fantastic! You know you want to visit Swanage and really enjoy the last Bank Holiday for a while.
I found out that lots of people took advantage of the fact that the artist was here on Monday and paid the gallery a visit. Well done you if you were amongst those that did. Shame on if you missed it everybody else.
Whilst I was away I came up with several ideas for other blogs that I could quite happily write if there were 29 hours in each day.  The Bog Blog is my current favourite! I would like people to be made aware of the successes and failures of a multitude of local/international establishments facilities. Why? Because it might shame them into moving into the 21st Century.
Anyway, the other thing I need to mention is the Colour Open if you're going to submit work the moment has come to do so. Bring it in to the gallery and I will gladly relieve you of it and £4 per piece.
It's good to be back even though the day has been spent attending to all of the gallery admin. I had to manually write something today and it occurred to me that the pen felt a little alien in my hand. I am so used having my underwater camera in it. Oh well, there's always the next holiday to plan.
Bournemouth readers I hope that you have suitably recovered from the bizarre floods of biblical proportions that happened last week.

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