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Saturday, 27 August 2011

What's A Blog? Not A Bog With A Log.

He would have blogged I'm sure

Nobody reads blogs do they? Well you are so that's a start. All great journeys start with the first step. I have  been on one, journey that is, for the last seven months and several of you have been with me since the very beginning. Thanks for that. I may have just foolishly volunteered to write another one. By 'may' I mean have and by 'foolishly' I mean idiotically. I am a sucker for literary punishment. But then I am also a sucker for helping out what I perceive to be good causes.
So all you loyal and faithful readers I hope that I can tempt you to check out the new one. I will only be adding to it once a week or so. What I can guarantee is that it will not be filled with the musings of a gallery owner but lots of useful information about The Purbeck Art Weeks. The artists, working in all areas of the arts not just visual, who will be showing their work and doing workshops etc. I may have one or two amusing anecdotes to pepper it with. Who knows I might even make you laugh!
One of the many things I do not miss about teaching are meetings. I am sure my inner rebellious teenager (not that inner if the truth be told) inhabits my persona and makes me slightly outspoken and petulant at the same time. It is a flaw, that I am constantly working on to rectify. (By 'constantly' I mean never). So I veer between outspoken and disengaged at a somewhat staggering pace. It's a good job that the majority of meetings that I have are with myself. I have tried to farm out/delegate to various committees to no avail. Maybe one day in the bigger scheme of things I will have a work colleague who I can impose meetings on. But I will insist on them taking place in the pub!
It has been a fairly busy day at the gallery despite my absence this morning. It transpires that the gallery white lie was a gallery white lie. That's ok I can live with that.
And then rain stopped play. It is a shame that we can't just switch it on, especially when many of you have the pleasure of indulging in a nice long weekend to end the summer with. I know, I know how can something end that never really started?
I'm probably going to open tomorrow if the weather is ok. I will definitely be open on Monday.
I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. If you fancy some pretty fireworks (weather permitting) it's the last ones of the summer in Swanage tonight.

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