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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Time Is Going Sooooooo Slowly!

Well today is considerably better than yesterday. I have managed to get loads done and I don't feel like the gallery is just keeping me away from my bed. I have managed to write a new list which is always a good start. Now I have to focus on what the bloomin' hell I'm going to put in the gallery after September.  I have a few ideas but it means that I need to get my act together pretty darned quick.
Can someone explain what the point of coming into the gallery to find out if I'm here then going away and saying they'll be back later? I'm sure that it could interfere with my ability leave work early all I can think is how inconsiderate.
I have just looked at the time and I fail to understand how I have only been at work for two hours when it already feels like four. It is a little bit ridiculous.
I have an insurance person coming this afternoon to give me a quote on the business insurance. Who wants to bet that it is way more than I am paying already?
It's not a hard one really.
I have got so much computer work to get on with this week, not only have I got to design a new website for myself, I have to add work my old website and and edit all the photographs that have been taken of the newly refurbished gallery.
Now I am going to go and get on with it.

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