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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

One Day Off and I'm Writing My Blog

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Wow! A blog on my day off. I have just spent the last two hours working on my own website. Which is fine as it has been on my list of things to do for the last ooh let me see.........six months. Imagine my absolute delight when the server crashed and is yet to get back on line and I don't know whether or not it saved all of my changes. It is about now that I could use a rather large glass of wine.
I read an article in the paper today about how in this age of multiple ways of communication there are less responses to correspondence now than ever before.
They said that it is causing people to be more disillusioned than ever.
It made me smile and nod in agreement as I have to confess that I send on average five emails a day, not phishing usually in response to requests for information, or asking questions pertinent to a future exhibition.
On average I get about one response if I'm lucky. Those are not great odds when you are running a business. I'm lucky if people reply to my texts.
The news on the street. I am thinking about having my own show this year. I have started by putting 9 pieces in this current exhibition. I'm going to build on that and produce some new work.
I told you that the next Bizarre Bazaar was going to be on Saturday 12th February but the truth is that both myself and Dave have been way too busy with our own things to organise it. It has been put back until March now. So if you are interested then you should get in touch and let me know.
I will also hopefully be involved in World Book Night, I submitted my application and I am now waiting to hear. I will probably exhibit some artist books to coincide with that, it's in April so please come and check it out.

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