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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hot Like Me!!

Phew....it's been a scorcher today. Felt like spring had sprung! Comparatively I mean, as it's been so cold. I am down to just the two heaters. People come in and say how come you've got so many heaters on when it's so warm outside. It's got a lot to do with sitting down all day (well nearly all day). My halogen heaters are all giving up the ghost which  has meant that I have had to spend more money. But at least I will be toasty warm.
 I have been Spring cleaning not that I need an excuse. It's crazy how the sunshine shows up the dirt even in my sun starved office. Where does all the dust come from?
I had a class this morning and we made miniature museums. It's a great little project to do with kids and I'm guessing adults too given half the chance.
Well it's official I take stupidly wonky photographs when it's of my own work. Good job Murray is coming to do them for me tomorrow.
Better late than never as I really need to get my own website finished.

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