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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Free Ninety Nine, My Favourite Price!!

Have you missed me? Well try harder and you'll hit me. The gallery was left in Shirley's very capable hands last week, whilst I swanned off to Bristol for a few days. Thanks Shirley! As a Londoner it is hard for me to admit this but I think I might like Bristol more. I think maybe because it is more compact and everything is more or less within walking distance.
I love the really apparent creative vibe, with lots of music nights and pop up galleries, not to mention the food scene which is by far the most reliably good I've ever experienced. Every meal I ate was a winner from meals that cost £5 to £20 and upwards. I wish Swanage could be as consistent.
So I'm fatter and happier on my return. There was an excellent show on at the Arnolfini Gallery, it's called Museums 2. It features artists who produce work that is specifically intended to look like museum exhibits. Which is exactly what my whole new body of work is based on so it was right up my street.
I have to tell you about the strange thing that happened this week. I am usually bemoaning the fact that I send numerous emails and seldom get any responses. Well........it would seem that what I have to do is be out of the office for a few days. I had more emails in the last three days than in the last three weeks. All requiring fairly urgent attention and all bringing good news which was nice. For all of you who hate new technology and go on about phones that should just be used to make phone calls etc. Without my iphone this week I would not have been able to respond to the many emails I received as promptly as I did. I love technology (when it works).
The gallery has been selected as a venue for the World Book Night giving of books, which I am really happy about as I applied at the very last minute and still got in. I will be putting on a display of artists books to go alongside the FREE books that I will be giving out so please come along and get your FREE book. I've chosen a good one, very apt for the gallery in a lateral way.
I hope that you all have great plans for this weekend regardless of the weather and can I remind you that the anniversary show is still on at the gallery it's well worth a look.

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