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Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's More Orangey Than An Entire Pack of Jaffa Cakes! Or Dale Winton!

My Beloved!

As I sit here in halogen glow with three heaters on full blast painting the office with their warm orangey tones, I think to myself why is it that I have not had the good sense to fit central heating?
I know the answer and it's a bit too complicated to go into right now. Needless to say that my warmth relies heavily on the kindness of strangers.
Long may I freeze.
How wrong is it that I am seriously thinking about booking my cats into a cattery so that I can wreak my revenge on that nasty black cat. (There were several not very nice words that I could have written there but didn't)
It is going to rue the day it bullied my cats causing them all to require a trip to the vets. Last time I looked I wasn't depositing gold or money in the toilet. Where the money is coming from is anyones guess.
It's been a strange day at the gallery it's kind of been busy but not at the same time. I have had time to catch with some friends but also I have not achieved very much. As my reports always used to say 'must try harder'.
The good news is that I have found the whole pile of work that I have mislaid for some months now. The thing is that you didn't even know that I'd lost it.
It's all trimmed and ready to be photographed.
I have got to go now because I need to tax my car. Yes that beautiful green mini that hasn't moved in a week because it is dead., needs taxing. How cruel an irony that actually is.

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