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Monday, 27 February 2012

Could Tuesday Please Be The New Monday?

Just One of My Skulls

Well it would seem that not posting my blog is the new not writing my blog! I actually wrote one but I forgot to post it. So the fact that I wished my mum a happy birthday went unread and all the gossip from Friday also went unread.
So to recap, on Friday my in house photographer Murray Lambert came and took pictures of all my new work for me. This means that my website should be finished at some point this week. I can't wait to get it live online it feels like I have been doing it for ages.
I managed to get away with a two hour day on Saturday, it does come in handy having a printer and internet access at the gallery. I love being able to say of course you can use my printer etc if you wouldn't mind opening up for me. Genius!!
I've had some good feedback regarding the affordable art event that I am planning to put on in December.
I have also got some fantastic textile artists interested in the textile show I'm planning for October. So all in all there's some good stuff to look forward to later on in the year.
If you are planning on visiting Swanage at Easter then you should definitely come in and see Jan Dagleys show it promises to be an absolute stunner.
I have had to postpone the second Bizarre Bazaar as I have not nearly enough time organize it properly and neither has Dave. We are thinking that we will get the next one organized for the summer. We are actually hoping to put on a few evening markets in the summer. So watch this space if you fancy some live music and some great unique stuff for sale. If you are a maker of such wares then getting busy as there will be the opportunity to turn your skills into cash!

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