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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Always Something To Look Forward To

Brian Rice
25/05/13 - 09/0613

It's not just the weather that is freezing. My blog completely froze me out on Saturday. It was not going to let me write a word. So I didn't. Don't worry you didn't miss a thing. It was the quietest Saturday in quite a long time.
Strange as it wasn't particularly bad weather no worse than usual anyway.

The current exhibition is at an end so it means that I can get on when the sun come back that is, with some minor refurbishments with the outside of the gallery. My doors need repainting, the potholes mean that the amount of debris that gets kicked up onto them is ridiculous. You can imagine how much I am looking forward to that.

Look out for my advert in Evolver it shows what is next and then some. I am very excited about Brian Rice it would seem that others are too. He has quite a following, I hope that I am able to do him proud at the gallery.

Compared to Saturday the gallery has been very busy today, everyone wanting to come in and have a chat, about the work and art in general. it has definitely got people talking which is great. Many people are really glad to see something so provocative and challenging in Swanage.

I am hoping to go and join the first drawing event for the PAW Draw tomorrow if I can get away.

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