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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Can't Face(book) Tweeting and Blogging!

It's exhausting and that is all that you need to know. What is? This is! Keeping up with my various web presences. If I'm not Twittering, Facebooking and Pinteresting I'm blogging. All in the name of pushing the gallery name further up in the world of Google.

Sometimes I don't know if I'm twittering, sharing or pinning. Just imagine in the old days (by old days I only mean the 80's) I would have had to rely on word of mouth and recommendations I suppose. I probably would have been in the Yellow Pages, and the Thompson Directory. I cannot tell you how phased that makes me feel.

I could not have set this business up then, apart from the fact that not many teenagers own art galleries. I can't imagine relying on snail mail and phone calls. I think Fax machines might have been around then.

'Let your fingers do the walking' I do love a good catchphrase.

I might have an monthly 'retro' day where I only use old school technology. It's ok, I am just kidding. If  I told you that just typing that sentence made my heart beat a little faster and my palms sweaty, you would believe me right?

Contemptuous Art is just that and it is still amusing and bemusing everybody that sees it. But it is definitely getting people talking and looking.

Got another two bookings for next year, so the gallery calendar is looking nice and full already.

Just written a little article for the Bournemouth Echo so keep your eyes peeled for that and I have also got one in the Purbeck Gazette. Anyone would think I like writing or something.

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