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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

It's Free To Look, To This I Swear!

I think they have a saying up North 'Owt's bettah en nowt' That's how I am going to choose to describe my day. There have been more people through the door today than yesterday and I have to say they were all very complimentary about the gallery. So gallery visitors, I thank you.
Window smudgers I beseech you to please stop putting your hands on the glass and peering in feel free to cross the threshold I promise that you won't be given the hard sell. You will be left to browse in peace and I will only speak when spoken to like the good not to mention well behaved curator that I am. I am willing to swear on the most holy of books the Thomson Directory or the weightier tome the Yellow Pages.
The other reason that I am beseeching on a Tuesday afternoon is because of the grease smears on the window as I am a woman of slender means and everything I want costs money ie. a window cleaner. I have to undertake this task myself. Those of you may recall from earlier blogs that I am not au fait with heights. Having to climb up to clean whole windows as you can't just remove the offending greasy handprint as it leaves a very telling clean patch. Please consider my beseeching over and have the human decency to come through the door, it's free to look.
There's always something that I forget to mention in my blog and yesterday it was meeting the artist Simon Close. He came into the gallery and had a very pleasant conversation about art etc. You should totally have a look at his website as I think you will like it. It's an easy one to remember simonclose.com
Anyway I am hoping in the future to get involved with him in some way at the gallery, an exhibition or a live art show? So I will fill you in on any developments.
As usual it's my day off tomorrow and I fear that the home choredom is shouting so loudly that I can hear it at the gallery. I may well be faced with being the first person to touch the Christmas Tree since Christmas and I'm hoping that the dead yellow grass it will reveal beneath it, will add an air of infinite beauty to the overall feel of the garden. Dream on.
My greenhouse looks like and experimental Hirst piece that could be called 'Beyond All Hope - an experiment in the length of decay and slovenliness'. So swapping paintbrushes for shears I bid you all a very happy tomorrow.

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