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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Don't Ask Anymore Stupid Questions

How many times do you think you should reheat the same cup of coffee in the microwave? Answers on the back of a postcard please.
It is interesting when they say that everything happens for a reason. Does that mean absolutely everything? I'm sure there are loads of things that happen for no reason whatsoever. I'll give you an example, one we all know, why does toast always land buttered side down when dropped? Who knows the reason for that? If you're sat there saying it's to do with the weight of the butter, the point is what's the reason? By now I'm sure you are wondering where the Hell this is all going.
What is the reason for me to be woken up ridiculously early every time I have a day off? Come on why does it keep happening? I have no idea.
Well, I had a great day yesterday opened the gallery for a couple of hours and then went to look at some of the artists exhibiting in their homes/studios as part of PAW. I had the pleasure of seeing the artist Magaret Lawtons' work. If you are a fan of abstract art, colour and texture you should totally go and see it. I spent at least £2000 of my imaginary money. Be warned. I have included my personal favourite which is called 'Climb To The Chapel'. I just love it. Check out her website Lawton Gallery http://www.lawtongallery.com/ if you don't find at least one picture that you like I'll be shocked.

Margaret Lawton
I have spent the morning making sure that the gallery is sparkly clean in preparation for the talk this evening. I am going to close for an hour later to go home and prepare the nibbles for later. From what I can gather it should be well attended.
I hope to see some of my readers there that would be great.
I have had even more interest in the workshop side of things so that is looking very optimistic for the future.
I am hoping to spend the afternoon working on some collagraph plates. I have to get printing again I miss it.
I've had some lovely visitors to the gallery today it's always nice to engage in some down to earth art conversations with other artists. It is definitely a perk of the job.
May write another cheeky blog later to let you all know how the talk went, if weren't lucky enough to be able to attend.
My blog title is very obscure today. I wonder if anyone else knows who sang this song?


  1. Wanted to leave a comment on Tues....There was summat up.....Could'nt leave a comment anywhere....!

    Are you think'in of the song Stupid Questions...
    by New Model Army. (1989). Never mind, it's crap anyway...! :)

    And, l agree.....Keep it light, with a little humor....(just like ya do'in). AND...For inspiration....Yeah! Plenty of Soulful R&B.
    "Get On Down Girl" "Get On Down".

  2. Well done Willie. I like the fact that you got it absolutely right. My blog has been behaving badly for a couple of days now. Glad it seems to be back to normal. :)