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Friday, 6 May 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I want to start my blog today by telling you about one of the guilty pleasures that I enjoy at the gallery. Ever since I read my first Agatha Christie novel at the age of 11 (The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side) I have been addicted to thrillers/whodunnits. I have to read them and watch them whenever possible. I bet you're already wondering where this is going? Well, when I am producing my own work I often have programmes on in the background. Sometimes they are highbrow art documentaries but more often than not it's a thriller of some description. I watch them all, Columbo, Diagnosis Murder, Poirot, Miss Marple, C.S.I, NCIS I could go on but I know that you are already shaking your heads in dismay. I am so addicted that my sister has been known to call me Sharonica Fletcher, those of you who share my addiction will know which particular female sleuth that name pertains to. I get to listen/watch all of these without inflicting it on anyone else whilst drawing/painting or just generally being creative.
I'm going to tell you another one tomorrow, I don't want to fully reveal my geeky pleasures all in one blog.
Back to gallery news, I have had a chat with Neil my website designer about revamping the website as I want to be able to sell the art work on line as well. It looks like we have agreed to start working on that at the end of the month.
I have got some excellent work for what will be the revamped, repackaged Charity Auction and I am literally moments away from setting a date.
I hope that you all managed to check out the Purbeck Art Week website yesterday.
http://www.purbeckartweeks.co.uk/ Just incase you didn't get round to it.
I am very excited about being involved with it this year. I have already started to think about the next one. I think a showcase at the gallery of a selection of Purbeck artists could be great. We'll have to see.
I have got too many things to think about at the moment without adding to the list.
I am going to end my blog with a little story about my imaginary friend. I am notoriously bad at saying no. How about you? When you're put on the spot and you know that you should just say no but there's the nice bone in your body making you feel bad about it? Sound familiar? Well owning a business does tend to mean that you are quite often put on the spot in one way or another. How have I overcome this problem?, I know you are all dying to know.
I have at the tender age of 41 got an imaginary friend who I like to formally address as my 'business partner'. He/she has to be involved in all decision making processes especially where money is concerned. I kid you not. They are so silent they don't actually exist.
A thought just popped into my head about an idea for a thriller ' Gallery Owner Killed By Business Partner' or was it a cleverly staged suicide? Don't get me started.
Have a great weekend!!

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