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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I'll Mostly Be Doing The Rounds Tomorrow

It would seem that you don't know the answers either. I will keep pondering them myself. I have set myself a mission tomorrow. I'm going to see just how many of the PAW Open Studios I can visit. So many kind invitations from the artists involved, I should just say this now, if I don't get round to you tomorrow I apologize but I have one day off from the gallery and I'll do my very best to see everyone.
I have found my music again. It was a dodgy cable and now I have replaced it with a different one I have music and I am loving it.
I'm going to do the same as yesterday by writing the first half early and the second half at the end of the day. I have to say that I am especially pleased that most of my page views are being generated via my website. That is very good news. I have to get on and update that very soon.
Yesterday I said that I had never used my card machine. I have christened it today with it's first transaction. It was easy all I have to do now is remember to total up at the end of the day.
I need milk for my coffee and I can't leave the gallery as it has been really busy I have put out a request on Facebook for anyone in town to pop in with a pint. May have to resort to black.
It has slowed down a bit this afternoon after getting loads of people through the door. It's probably just as well as I have run out of all my printed info. I am just waiting for a delivery.
I am feeling my lack of caffeine. I can't believe I haven't been saved by a milk delivery.

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