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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fear And Loathing @ The Bank

I could have shrunk the image but you need to get the full effect. I have my first meeting with the bank in 30 minutes. I have managed to keep my distance from them up until this point. But apparently there are things called 'business accounts' that I need. I'm worried because I fear that there are all sorts of questions that I haven't even thought about yet that they are going to ask me. Business plans that I haven't written down in any formal way.
Oh money it is the paper that rules my very existence. That just seems wrong on so many levels. Different coloured papers with pictures of royalty on that I don't even really respect or have time for. I have more respect for the celebrated famous folk who appear on it. I'm sure I am not alone.
The bureaucracy begins here, do not collect £200, do not pass go. Failure to plan is planning to fail. I love that quote.
Well I hope that it all goes well. My light bulbs have arrived so it's just all the rest of it that needs to turn up.
I'm going to try and sort out my sign this afternoon.
I hope that if you have snow that you are somewhere warm looking out at it and not having battle with it. It's actually a bit warmer here today but I have heard rumours of snow ten miles away so anything is possible.
I'll be back later to tell you how I feared (sic) at the Bank!

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