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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I Want ToTouch It Up!

I apologize for the lateness of the hour but when Swanage calls you respond. If your friends say come out it is rude to decline because you have to write your blog. Especially when one of those friends has given up his entire afternoon to help you put up your new ceiling. A big thanks to Matt who is a friend indeed. I have now put up the majority of my ceiling and the rest is left until Dan March 'lights up my life'. Or more accurately my gallery.
Another very productive day at the gallery. The walls are within two metres of being completely painted. I have a bit to do tomorrow before I start to paint the floor in the studio. But to all extents and purposes I have finished. The slog is over and let the good times roll.
I just realised that I told Matt that I would share the knowledge about the 'snots'. In light of me telling you all about the piss coat.
We removed a few snots today when we were putting up the ceiling. Not from our respective noses but from the top of the walls. Snots are the bobbly/knobbly bits that are left at the top of the wall when your plasterer (Phil Keats) has finished his genius skimming.
So now you know. I hope that I am educating in to the builders speak of the day.
Did a monumental dump run today, which has seen the emergence of my floor, yes it does exist it isn't just covered with palettes and random plasterboard offcuts. Honest.
I'm guessing my carpet layer will be pleased that there is actually a floor to work with.
Tidying up jobs to do tomorrow.
This is a message for Matt as I know he reads this, we will finish the conversation, honest. You should be impressed that I've come in and can actually string a sentence together, no thanks to Al's Ameretto shot!! You should also know that I've hit delete at least 20+.
The title of this blog is talking about my ceiling framework, bits need touching up.
Make that 25+.

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