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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Army Of Me

If all is struggle then the fight must be worthy. That is how I feel sometimes when I am battling to get things done.
I think there must be days where your mettle is well and truly tested. I also know that I am not alone.
I think if you remain optimistic about your chances of success and don't let the Failure Devil whisper too loudly in your ear, everything should turn out just fine.
I opened yesterday and had a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. Today however has seen just two people cross the threshold. I am definitely changing the day that I close to a Thursday, I think.
I am off to France tomorrow as I mentioned before and I'm hoping that some of their laissez faire will rub off on me.
I have been getting a lot of interest in the workshop side of things and I'm hoping to be running a glass jewellery, printmaking and drawing ones very soon. So watch this space for dates and empty places.

I hope that you have got some great things planned for this lovely long weekend. My only caution would be to have a weatherproof Plan B.  
I know that is easier said than done but failure to plan is planning to fail as some annoyingly right person once said.
I hope that those of you who enjoy all the royal hoo ha have a great royal day tomorrow!
I have just noticed that I have a terrible habit of typing words the wrong way round or round the wrong way. Can you see the difference? Does one sound better than the other?
On that note I bid you Adieu!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely..............!
    "The Road To Success Is Always Under Constuction".
    Have a fun day in France......!
    Me....I'm off to find summat to wear tomorrow to the wedd'in. :0.
    Have'nt got'em a prezzy yet......Though l think there's a toaster in the cupboard somewhere.....!
    If l can find a box............! :0).