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Monday, 4 April 2011

Title, What Title, look At That Bird!

Today I will be mostly having the attention span of one the above creatures. For those of you those of you that are scratching your head and wondering what is this particular insect. You may well have just been bitten by one. No, it's not a flea it's a gnat.
I have been curiously productive but I'm pretty convinced  that it has way more to do with luck than good management.
I had a great time in Brighton. It went all too quickly but I'm wondering if my weekend away may have something to do with my impaired attention. Anyone who reads this and was there will be laughing their heads off right about......now!
I'm gearing up for Andrew Piesleys exhibition at the weekend. I have prepared all the small canvasses so they are ready to be hung. I have plinths for sketchbooks and a folder and stand for unframed drawings. So now to arrange the collection of the massive 7ft picture which is proving troublesome. I will be shamelessly plugging this all week, so get used to it. The Private View is on Saturday evening between 6.30 and 8.30.

First class tomorrow, I have been getting myself organized for that too. It's funny having to plan a lesson again. That was so last year. It is just like riding a bike, I've only fallen off twice but my safety helmet is still firmly in place.
I have now got nearly enough work to set a date for my charity auction. As I have said before it is NEVER too late to donate. I hope that if you haven't that there is a really good reason for not doing so. It may have slipped from the front pages but that does not mean there is no need for us to do our bit.

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