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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ode To The Window Smudgers

They come, they look, they peer
They use their hands to help them stare
Finger periscopes is what they make
They leave the windows in a terrible state
The window smudgers come from far and wide
My only wish is that they would come inside
To see the art without glass in the way
It would be guaranteed to make my day
Greasy ghost faces haunt my dreams
A various combination of lotions, sweat and sun creams
Smudgers, I plead with you to walk through the door
So that I can have smudge free windows once more

I will readily admit that my ode is not any lyrical masterpiece, but as a famous flatulent person once said 'better out than in'. I'm operating the exact opposite policy as regards the infamous window smudgers. Just a bit of fun really.

It has actually been another fairly busy day at the gallery. If I had a pound for everyone that tried to make me pay for advertising I would be able to pay for some advertising. I'm sure there's some irony in there somewhere.
I had two really nice visitors today, my old LSA's from when I used to teach for a living. It was lovely to see them and we wiled away a pleasant hour or so gossiping/catching up with all of our mutual news.
Old friends are always welcome at the gallery as well as new one I hasten to add.
I am eagerly anticipating the construction of my new sofa. I'm lying. I will grit my teeth and hope to keep the sweating and swearing to an absolute minimum. I'll let you know how that goes.
Anyway, whilst I'm typing I'm not doing anything productive. I've already given you a poem what more do you want? Blood! :)
Have a lovely evening. Those of you who are going away for the Easter Weekend drive safe, have fun and take it easy. The same applies for those of you who are staying put, without the driving bit!

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