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Monday, 11 April 2011

The Devil Is Alive and Well and Hiding In My Computer!

Battle of Stanpit Marsh - Andrew Piesley
In an attempt to remember everything I am going to write this without editing out the spelling as I go along. The first thing I'm sure you all want to know is how the Private View went. It was good I would have preferred a few more people but you can only tell people it's on, you can't make them drink. Or is that horses? Well, to make up for it there have been a fair few people through the door. Some nice feedback and quite a few conversations about the content of the work. Let's hope now that a few people come in and buy some paintings.
My website has been updated, you can check it out www.lartishe.co.uk
I want to get some more stuff on there but I need to earn a few more pennies before that happens. I would like to thank Neil @ ambrosefox.com for all his hard work.
I am a little disgruntled at the fact that this is the second time that I am writing this bit of my blog. I had actually finished writing it when the Internet Devil shoved his three pronged fork into my network and tangled all connections causing my blog not to auto save as it went along.
Now I am going to struggle to remember what I wrote. All that I can remember is that it was witty, concise and very well observed. No, that is not true, it wasn't. It was probably inane, dull and flabby. I am sat here trying to fight the urge to make some comment about knowing people like that, or that's a bit like me. Apparently, I'm no good at fighting my urges.
Breaking news, hot off the proverbial press I have enough artwork to set a date for the Charity Auction. I intend to focus all my energies on doing that tomorrow and then the publicity for it.
In other news, I have produced four drawings today and one of them was of something other than a bird skulls. Yes, you read it right. I just hope the person I did it for likes it.
I'm bored of typing now as I have been doing it for 27 years without a break. Well 27 minutes would be closer to the mark but it's all relative.
Same time, same place tomorrow if you're up for it!

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