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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Art is where the home is.

As much as I wanted to regale you with tales of my unlocking the door to my gallery for the first time and how it felt, and how happy I am to realise my dreams. I have another truth to tell, I spent the day at IKEA purchasing random articles that I think I might need. It seems to be a right of passage, the necessary pilgrimage to IKEA whenever you are redesigning a space. So suffice to say I'm an artist so I'm overly concerned with the minutiae. Accessories being key to the my overall success. I know it's not true but I feel better knowing that I'm completely colour coordinated and have all the necessary cleaning accoutrements to satisfy my other compulsion which is cleaning. So tomorrow will in fact be the day that I tell the tale of my maiden visit to 'The Gallery'. Bear with me people I'll get to the good stuff soon. I'll also be adding pics tomorrow.

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