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Friday, 10 September 2010

I'm coming unravelled!

In light of there being no other developments at the gallery other than a rather large purchase of paint. I have cleaned the retro ghetto blaster. It took 30 minutes to degrease it. But it looks pretty cool now. I got my first piece of post with my name on at the gallery today. Ok, my name was spelt wrong and the address was not quite right either. But it made it there. Meanwhile, ominous looking post is turning up for the previous owner. As I have no forwarding address and no means of contacting him I just have to hope they don't send the heavies round.
This weekend I will be showing some friends the gallery space with the intention of persuading them to exhibit their work with me. So that's pretty exciting.
Had my haircut, it's pretty radical. I'm try to persuade Ross at Maximum to write a blog of his own. He does these kickass haircuts that I'm sure people would like to see.
Anyway, I'll let you know whose arm I twist over the weekend.
Have a good one.


  1. noce, i like what youve done hear. maybe something you would of said to me 6 years back. :D

    Where is your newly owned gallery?

  2. Hey, it's in Swanage. I live here now. Did you graduate this year? What did you get? :D