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Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Glass is always half full.

I have spent the day chilling out and being proud of my achievements. I took the talented Lisa Bate to the gallery today and I'm happy to report that she got as excited about the prospect of the gallery as I am. We spent time just looking at the space and having fantastic creative ideas about the endless possibilities that could happen.
We followed that up with some brain lubricating fluid consumption and that generated further creative ideas. I have to admit some more far fetched ideas were starting to flow. I'll spare you those. I've roped Lisa in to help with the transformation process. Read-General hard labour and painting.

I am going to show you some of her very unique glass sculptures. If you like them you will know where to come if you want to see some more.
I hope you like it because it's just been included in the British Glass Biennale 2010 and is also going to be on permanent display at the Royal Cornwall Museum in the Mineral Section.
So as always watch this space for the new developments.

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