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Friday, 3 September 2010

Beware! The List Maker Cometh

Having recently left teaching, I believe that some of my success in that career was largely due to my ability to write lists of 'Things To Do' and religiously tick them off as I completed them. So when planning this new project I'm sticking to an old favourite to insure I do exactly what I'm supposed to. So in order to keep you updated I have already got the keys.... I have a phone number....and of course let's not forget I've got my lists. I am babysitting my floor fitter who has bought chaos to my home but has meant that I have to be here and have to work through my list(s).
I'm going to carry on with my OCD list affliction and if there are any mind blowingly interesting events that occur between now and bedtime regarding the gallery I will fill you all in. But, I'm expecting it to be all quiet on the gallery front!

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