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Friday, 18 February 2011

Open Exhibition - ABSTRACT

I don't know whether this picture does the drawing any justice whatsoever but I just wanted to show you what I have been up to for the past two days. It is A3 size and all drawn in pencil. It is the design for my big collection piece and there are no prizes for guessing what it's about. I am now starting to get my whole creative vibe back and have done something creative every day this week. I have an idea that I am going to produce some animated drawings for my exhibition.
If I was high on my own supply yesterday (leccy bill) today I am living the reality of what goes up must come down. As much as I am enjoying being creative I really would like a few more people through the door. I am hoping that imminent half term will bring a lot more people through the door.
As I am yet to fill the gallery in June I am going to have an Open Exhibition called Abstract. So if any of you talented people out there want to submit a piece of work or two there will be a nominal hanging fee (£3.00 per piece), but submit any digital images to info@lartishe.co.uk. There will be a Private View and all the usual trimmings that befit an exhibition.
I hope to hear from some of you soon.

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