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Monday, 28 February 2011

Dog Owners Of Swanage Take Heed!

Now these brown packages I can deal with!

If you are a dog owner and you live in Swanage I really hope you scoop the poop and you bag it and bin it. I had to virtually do poop scotch on my walk to the gallery. I am a big dog lover but their little brown packages piled up in stink are certainly not one of my favourite things. I have no idea why there are such ignorant people out there but they should be fined extortionate amounts of money. Sorry rant over but it is vile.

I had a dream...............but apparently there are people out there who want to give me total nightmares. To be honest I can't even be bothered to talk about them. Suffice to say they know who they are and I am going to ignore them from here on in.
When I arrived at the gallery I consulted my ever present list of things to do and for about ten minutes went about doing the choredom listed. I managed with fantastic style and finesse not to complete any of them. Obviously, this was not part of the plan. In fact it was so far from the plan it was a small island in the Pacific, Nofking Kloo. I am trying my hardest to sort out some more advertising but it would seem that my memory (forgetful) stick was at home and there endeth the tale. Could do precisely nothing without it.

Abstract Open exhibition is filling up I feel I am giving all artists due notice that when the space is gone it is gone. It's the exhibition to be in as it follows Purbeck Arts Week so the arty crowd will be in the region.

I spent the day painting today and it was nice to paint a canvas and not a wall. I'm not going to tell you what it is but I'm photographing it at each stage of development so you will get to see it eventually. I'm working with the students at the college tomorrow hearing their ideas for their show in March. It should make a welcome change.

Late blog due to rubbish broadband service!

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