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Saturday, 12 February 2011

You Could Have Heard A Paintbrush On A Canvas!

That's Who I Opened For Today

I woke with the optimism of Summer as the sun peeked through my curtains. Today was a day when anything was possible. My head was clear as my Yellow Pages oath stood the test of time and I managed to avoid the imbibing of alcohol (more or less) actually just less. I thought of all the things I would achieve today whilst I drank my coffee. I thought the gallery would be busy as anything as the sun was out. Just not true I'm afraid. I've had one serious looker, some acquaintances, a token weirdo and various friends. I anticipated it would be busy so I dressed smart and thought I'd print on Monday. You all know what they say about about the best laid plans..............
I've used my time wisely(ish) I watched 500 Days of Summer it was a good film. I've produced some drawings for my current project.
I've sent no emails and answered no phone calls. The highlight of the day has been a cherry danish pastry that was bought in by a very good friend. Yum!
So I don't feel the need to waste anymore of your time. Switch off your computer and go and do something more fun instead. I guess it depends what you look at on them doesn't it? I'm a StumbleUpon addict, if you've never heard of it do yourself a favour and check it out. But don't blame me if friends and family start calling you nerdy because you spend even more time in front of your computer. On your own heads be it
Happy Weekend to you all!

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  1. Switch off my computer, how on earth does one do that...No-one's ever shown me......Now....What is this button for......oooops! Oh! Yeah!
    500 Days, good film...I watched an hour of the Godfather.....Have to keep up with family business. Then the Care Bears movie....if you believe that....! :0).
    Anyway, must get on, curry for tea, one l made on Wens.
    Yes, you all have a great weekend, and don't go fall'in in the sea....!
    Oh! l bought a book in Wimborne to-day, 'The History of Glue'....Have'nt been able put it down....Ciao. :).