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Monday, 19 September 2011

Alright Now

I'm entering the fourth day of a detox and I am missing coffee really badly. But I'm sure that in the long run it will do me good. That's if I can keep it up for the next two weeks.
I have had an interesting day at the gallery. I can't really tell you but it makes for interesting listening. Every day I learn something new and to be honest it doesn't surprise me when I hear certain things. But everyone should be aware that I left one bureaucratic nightmare and will never knowingly become involved in another.
If you are a local artist and are interested in being involved with PAW I will be putting the application form on the website for an exhibition that will take place over Christmas. I am looking for a diverse range of work so if you think that you have got something to offer please submit some work.
It would seem that Margaret Lawtons picture that is the one that draws people in. I have had many positive comments about the whole show. In every show there are favourites among the work exhibited. The most talked about in the show. That should probably become a feature.
I am going to spend the day pimping my website tomorrow, I've got lots of new stuff to put on there. So please make sure you check it out.
Willie won the points and let's see if you can get today's title.
Sorry no picture as I've written this on my iPad and unbelievably you cannot upload a picture.

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  1. Easy.....Peasy.....
    The Free.....1970. Got to number two in the charts....! AND...re-released in 1973....!
    Still have the original on a 12inch....!
    Although l'm strictly Soul....I Love It....! :).