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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blurry Round The Edges!

Come on Focus!

Why is it called a boredom threshold? I have to know. I think that there are days when you are fully engaged in whatever you are doing and there are other days when you have the attention span of a two year old high on e numbers. Is that a contradiction in terms? E numbers? I'll have to think about that when I can be bothered to focus for longer than, what was I talking about again?
I try various ploys to fool myself into focusing, one of them is to listen to very mellow music. The outcome of that for me today is to make me feel sleepy.
Another thing that I do is to start a job that I think I might enjoy. Who am I kidding? If it has the word job attached to it, I think I am creating a self fulfilling prophecy of boredom. I have no idea where my lack of wanting to focus comes from. I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that I have been so over the top focused for the last two weeks my brain (such as it is) is rebelling.
If you too suffer from unexplained lack of focus you've probably already had to re read this paragraph about 10 times. I know I have.
I have a great show on at the gallery and it would seem that regardless of the door being open people would still prefer to look at it through the huge glazed barriers which are other wise known as my windows.
I know that I mention this often but seriously...........come in it is 100% free to look.
Yesterday I mentioned looking for new talent and I really am so if you know some one or you are someone who is creative definitely think about getting in touch. I am literally sat here waiting to hear from you.
As I have spent half the time I have been writing this staring out of the window I am guessing that I should probably go and do something more productive.

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