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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Greatest Day!

There are good days and then there are great days. Today falls safely in the great day category. I got to work as usual (just in time) opened up and put my A board outside. I noticed an envelope stuck to my A board. I should explain that I put my A board directly under my letter box ever since the very clever person posted me a crab and avocado sandwich through it. Hats off to their genius! Not.
Anyway, the envelope looked official and to be honest I'd been expecting it as my year of no business rates comes to an end at the end of September. I have saved all my earnings to ensure that I could pay the whole of next year in one go. I was right it was my business rates bill and guess what?
I haven't got to pay any business rates until this time next year. To say that has made my absolute day is an understatement. I have reacted appropriately like any sensible woman would, I have bought a new pair of shoes.
Seriously, good news for me as I am still very much at the finding my feet stage of starting a new business so any financial breaks are very welcome.
It has also been busy at the gallery so it really has been a good day. I know that I have things to do but I really just want to do a little dance and thank my lucky stars.
If you are local to Swanage and are reading my blog and you're in anyway remotely creative you should know that I intend to have Christmas Show in support of PAWF and if you'd like to get involved then you know how to contact me.
I have to take every single opportunity available to plug the current show. It is really good and the work ranges from affordable to save up for. There really is something for everyone and the chance to buy a unique Christmas present for an art lover is right under your very nose.
I would like to see more of my Bournemouth based friends in the gallery, not because I want them to buy art (it would be nice obviously) but more importantly I have very few opportunities to hook up with them now I'm at the gallery full time. So come on, you know you want to get on the ferry, take a picturesque drive, see some art and go for a sneaky shandy at the pub. You know it makes sense.
Never own up to being the reason for the funny smell in a car. That's just some advice that I thought I would share with you and some time soon I'll explain exactly why.
I hope that you have a great day because the sun is shining and if you are lucky enough to not be at work you can make the most of it.

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