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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sizzle, Frazzle, Fizzle, Dazzle and Nuzzle

I think any word that has a double z in should be exciting and vibrant and many of them are. Except the one that is hindering everybody's day today! Drizzle! Although I do like it in a culinary context, mmmm lemon drizzle cake.
Incidentally, two of the pictures in this current show have two z's in their titles. If you come in and spot them I will reward you with chocolate.
Wow you don't write  blog for one day and they go and change the whole format on you! As if I don't have enough to think about. I think I can truthfully declare that the weather (rain specifically) was as much of a culprit as the window smudgers. I arrived at the gallery this morning to find the windows covered in a weird greasy layer of grime as well as the usual face/hand prints. It took me two goes with industrial window cleaner to get them back to anywhere near shiny. Arm ache central and I'm not overly impressed that they are as clean as they could be.
I was very sorry to hear on Tuesday that the Photographers Lounge was a victim of mindless vandalism at the weekend. It is hard enough in the recession to make a living without alcohol fueled destruction costing time time, effort and money to put right. I hear there is a petition to get CCTV in the High Street, I am totally signing that if it ever makes it to my door.
I have been asserting my technical prowess this morning. For those of you who would like to read between the lines. I did many technical things that all ended with me holding my breath and crossing my fingers. That is not to mention the accelerated heart beat that accompanies those other two things.
I have tested them and I think I may actually have made them work.
If you would like to sample my handiwork go to www.lartishe.co.uk  You should be redirected to my new website.
For the other thing you will just have to look at the Purbeck Gazette when it comes out.
As you all have heard in previous blogs about my genius builder Matt, you should know that we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the best thing he has made so far......a baby. I am very excited about it and cannot wait to meet him/her. It's imminent so I am sending some positive vibes to him and his lovely wife and hope that all goes well tomorrow.
Another quiet day at the gallery, which means that I get to do all my lovely admin uninterrupted. 
I think it is important that everyone who has the aspiration to be an artist should have the opportunity to show their work in a professional setting and I am brewing an idea that will help to support this. I am not going to reveal too much at this stage but keep reading and you'll find out before too long.
Enough of this blogcrastination iI have at least five more things on my list to get through today.

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