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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Politically Incorrect

Mmm, that's attractive!

At what point do you think it would be ok to tell a small child that whilst it's very funny to them to push their face and hands up against my newly polished windows if they persist I may well have to throttle them? Before or after I throttle them?
As I had done the inside of the gallery I decided to give the outside a good clean today. It's grubby on the High Street, what with all the passing traffic not to mention the condiment squirters. Incase you haven't come across them before I'll explain. These people go to the pub and probably consume quite a large amount of alcohol they then proceed to a fast food establishment where they will buy some artery thickening food. To accompany said food they will get sachets of various coloured sauces which they will then think it is the height of hilarity to squirt it either up a window or stamp on it to create pavement Pollocks.
I know I have mentioned before the burger/sandwich posters. By posters I mean they will post items of food through your letterbox for fun. You know people have signs that say 'No Junk Mail Please' maybe I could have one that says 'No Junk Food Please'. What do you think? I think that it would probably be a recipe for disaster.
I have to confess I am frost writer. I cannot resist scratching some inane but inoffensive message on frosty cars. I've done it for years.
No blog yesterday as I was very busy putting this show up. I went from having not quite enough to having enough for a second room. I have been developing my arm muscles as  I have had to hang some fairly substantial paintings on my own. It is character building. I think this show looks vibrant and lively with so much colour it is great.
As always you are all more than welcome to come and see it anytime you like.
I would like to thank Matt and Jamie at Beco Belle for bringing me Eggs Benedict and an Espresso for my breakfast this morning. It was an absolute life saver and very tasty indeed.
For all you artists out there I need to tell you about two open exhibitions that are going to take place next year.
One will be drawing and the other will be image and text. So get your creative heads on and think about producing something new.
I have already got some very talented artists lined up for the image and text so it would be good to see what everyone else can come up with.
For those of you who were unable to make it along to Mary Jane Evans show I will be uploading images of it to my website on Monday. If I remember I'll add a link.
I hope that you have a great weekend and I'll let you know on Monday how the Private View went tonight.

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  1. Ah! Soooooo....It's you writing on frosty cars...!
    Just keep away from my new Red Ferrari Clio....! :).
    Solution for idiots who mark the windows.....
    Take the glass out......Sorted....! :).
    You all have a great weekend toooooo! :0).