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Monday, 5 September 2011

Three Out Of Fifty Aint Bad!

It appears that I may have been remiss about fully blowing my own trumpet for managing to get three, that's right three of the Fifty Wessex Artists to take part in my Colour Open Exhibition. I actually know that I had a little help from my friends and for that I am truly grateful. The three in question are Brian Bishop, Bonnie Brown and Georgina Fermer. As always I tell you to make sure that you come and see the current exhibition and I am pleased to say that some of blog readers actually do make it. But people other than me say that it is the best exhibition yet. So it would be great if you could come along and see it.
I have to really sing the praises of the Red Orb Sculpture Exhibition at Leeson House. It was very inspirational and thought provoking. There really was something for everyone. I know I mentioned it on my blog before, I liked it so much I visited it twice. The organizers did a sterling job of pulling such an eclectic mix of work together and making it look good. It's on until 5pm this evening so if you are local and fancy a nice walk with some great sculpture thrown in you know what to do.
The Private View was very well attended on Saturday. No sales as yet but there's plenty of time for that. I have to admit I went straight home to bed afterwards as I was absolutely worn out.
I think that I should let you know that the blog has been going a little crazy of late with this weekend seeing my page views go up to 20,350 which means that there is a lot of people looking these days so when I asked the question about who reads blogs I have had that well and truly answered for me.
I have now written well over 100 blogs and still going strong. Well I suppose that must be true if you are reading this.
I am hoping that this week will be the week when I can actually pick up a paintbrush without painting a wall with it. I have not drawn or painted in nearly three weeks. I am so past cold turkey, that I am that frozen turkey curry languishing in the corner of the deep freeze since Christmas 2009. I hope that I can get through my lists of things to do so that I will have time to do something creative. 


  1. The Blog is still brilliant....BUT....
    Wish you'd do summat with the template...!
    The black does obscure, and make it difficult to read some of the information.....
    AND...Black is not a happy and attractive colour..!
    I'm not even having it at my funeral....If you ain't wear'in Pink....You ain't comm'in....! :0).

  2. Oh Willie,

    It goes with the whole look of the gallery. There is method in my blackness! I may well revamp it in the not too distant future. I am thinking pink! Lol :0